About Us

Once upon a time there was a couple named Terry and Laura.  They both medically retired from their jobs around the same time.  He had been in the air force for 31 years and she developed several auto immune diseases and became allergic to much of the world, especially foods that had always been favourites.

Instead of moving Laura into a bubble, they started to experiment with foods to see what would cause the least or no reaction.  Being a global gastronome, Laura could not picture the rest of her life eating bland foods and began trying out different combinations of spices, herbs, legumes, pulses and other fresh items.  The more pure an item, the less or zero reaction, thus began our little company.

We started out selling at a few small farmers markets and began to try more and more shows.  Some were hits, some misses, but we have learned what shows we love and will continue to participate in.

With the launch of this website, this opens us up to e commerce and an exciting new market for us.

Why soups?  Soups are a universal part of the world’s cuisine and every culture has its own unique and delicious soups.  Soups evoke memories and are an important part of many of our lives.  They weave through our childhoods, holidays and bring us comfort.   We have also added a few dessert mixes to our roster as time went on.  After reacting to a few store bought mixes, which can be full of chemicals and preservatives, we wanted a simpler and healthier alternative (we use only Canadian flour, organic cocoa, organic raisins and Kirkland signature chocolate chips – they are vegan).

Want to read more about how our soups stand above our competitors? Click here!

We believe in excellent customer service and will always go above and beyond to make you happy!  And we are always quick to answer messages and phone calls… You are important to us!

As a couple, we believe in altruism and paying it forward.  We have been lucky in our small business and believe it is important to share.  We like to do so quietly and anonymously, but we have shared some of the local charities we support in case you are lucky too!

Well, enough about us…. To all our present and future soup lovers, we thank you from the bottom of our toes for supporting our little local, veteran run business!

Soup’s on!!