The Kanata Soup Co Difference

Locally Curated

We are totally unique in that we actually curate every item in our soup mixes and we are the ONLY company that curates some items from local farms and dehydrates them ourselves at the peak of freshness (MacIntosh apples for our curried soups, green beans, yellow beans, carrots, sweet red peppers and corn).  For the items that do not grow locally, we drive to Toronto (where we can buy high quality Canadian legumes, grains and pulses in bulk) regularly to ensure that we are using ONLY Canadian legumes and pulses.  We believe the drive is worth it to make sure that our soup is as local and Canadian as we can make it. 

We use only Canadian soup bases (all MSG free) and several of our soup mixes contain no soup base at all, just a delicious blend of herbs and spices, which won’t make you miss the soup base at all.  We want our soups to be as healthy and yummy! (Superfoods? Check… Fibre?  Check.. Healthy?  Check… Deliciously delightful?  Check…)

Carefully Crafted – with your safety in mind!

As one of us is anaphylactic, all our soup mixes and dessert mixes are peanut and nut free.  We are SO careful with everything we use as we understand what it is to have a severe allergy.  Our vegan and gluten free soup mixes are made on separate days, using their own stainless steel bowls and measuring items to ensure there is no cross contamination.

Licensed, inspected, and insured.

We make our soups in a commercial kitchen and are licensed and inspected and carry full business insurance.  We believe in quality above all things and have vowed our soup mixes will always be made by hand with love.  Don’t worry, our hands never actually touch any item.. we wear aprons, hair nets, gloves and sterilize all items before and after use.  Did I mention we are super careful and go above and beyond the necessary safety requirements?